Persona 4 Golden Taotie Fusion Calculator (2024)

1. Dis - Persona 4 Golden Fusion Calculator

  • Fusion Chart · Shadow List · Recipe Generator. Persona 4 Golden Fusion Calculator. Lvl ... Taotie. 25668, Justice, 27, Power, Devil, 37, Pazuzu. 25866, Empress ...

  • Stats and fusion recipes for Dis from Persona 4 Golden.

2. List of Personas - Persona 4 Golden Fusion Calculator

  • Dis · Skill List · Ongyo-Ki · Kushinada-Hime

  • Search obtainable personas from Persona 4 Golden by stats and resistances.

3. Taotie - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Golden Guide - IGN

Taotie - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Golden Guide - IGN

4. Persona 4 The Golden Fusion Calculator

  • Persona 4 The Golden: Recipe Generator ; 41, Alraune, Moon ; 18, Ame no Uzume, Aeon ; 58, Ananta, Fortune ; 20, Andra, Moon.

5. Fusion Recipes - Persona 4 Information - Wikidot

  • Bevat niet: taotie | Resultaten tonen met:taotie

  • Personas with their names in bold can only be fused through the listed method. Others can be fused in other ways as well. Fusion Calculator at

6. Traptrip Garden - Yu-Gi-Oh! Card - Dueling Nexus

  • ... Golden Form Naturia Barkion Wicked Dragon with ... 4: Numeron Gate Catvari ... Fusion Raging Waves Salvage Meteor Flare Fusion Meteorite Dragon Nails Companions!

  • Traptrip Garden - During your Main Phase, you can Normal Summon 1

7. Persona 4 Golden: Fusion Solutions for the Empress Social Link - Margaret

  • 13 jun 2020 · Empress Rank 7: Yatagarasu with Megido · Fuse Taotie (Tower) and Cu Sith (Sun). Taotie has Megido - pass it on the resulting Ares. · Now fuse Ares ...

  • Margaret asks you for some specified Personas in order to increase this Social Link rank. We're here to help

Persona 4 Golden: Fusion Solutions for the Empress Social Link - Margaret

8. List of Skills - Persona 4 Golden Fusion Calculator

  • √45 power, 8% crit, 2-4 hits. 1 foe. 5.5. Take-Mikazuchi (44); Taotie (41); Raja Naga (39); Fuu-Ki · Taotie. phy. Blade of Fury, 18% HP, √50 power, 2-4 hits.

  • Search obtainable skills from Persona 4 Golden by effect and acquisition method.

9. Kin-Ki - Persona 4 Golden Fusion Calculator

  • 29, Unicorn, Judgement, 59, Anubis. 46761, Death, 58, White Rider, Temperance, 31, Mithra. 46820, Tower, 35, Taotie, Sun, 53, Tam Lin. 46824, Magician, 25, Hua ...

  • Stats and fusion recipes for Kin-Ki from Persona 4 Golden.

10. Fuu-Ki - Persona 4 Golden Fusion Calculator

  • Taotie. 38481, Hermit, 6, Forneus, Judgement, 59, Anubis. 38484, Fool, 21, Legion, Tower, 55, Abaddon. 38682, Priestess, 48, Kikuri-Hime, Moon, 34, Yamata-no- ...

  • Stats and fusion recipes for Fuu-Ki from Persona 4 Golden.

11. Ganesha - Persona 4 Golden Fusion Calculator

  • Taotie. 45189, Emperor, 45, Thoth, Tower, 46, Cu Chulainn. 45189, Death, 46, Mot, Devil, 44, Succubus. 45465, Emperor, 34, Setanta, Tower, 55, Abaddon. 45600 ...

  • Ganesha = Clotho x Hanuman, Genbu x Cu Chulainn, Okuninushi x Cu Chulainn, 134 more...

Persona 4 Golden Taotie Fusion Calculator (2024)


How to fuse lachesis persona 4 golden? ›

Lachesis can be obtained through fusion: Yomotsu Ikusa + Kikuri-Hime.

How to fuse taotie persona 4 golden? ›

It's very easy just fuse Shisaa, Lamia and Ara Mitama in the triangle fusion and you will get Taotie.

What is the answer to Persona 4 Golden 06 08? ›

Answer: "Balance Beam." Benefit: A boost in Expression, and 3 FPs for Yukiko Amagi.

What is the answer to Persona 4 Golden 4 25? ›

There are three choices: Overgrowth, Overcompensation, and Overexertion. The correct answer is Overcompensation, the 2nd choice.

Should I always fuse Personas? ›

A persona doesn't necessarily have to be fused unless it starts falling off in terms of usefulness. It is strongly recommended to fuse personas in Persona, while it is an absolute must in the Shin Megami Tensei series. A higher level persona generally has better stats and the ability to learn higher-tier skills.

Should you fuse Izanagi Persona 4 Golden? ›

There is no secret, fuse izanagi for a better persona. Izanagi is made to be a pretty bad persona so that you fuse him, anything that is related to him story wise doesnt require him on your persona list, so fuse him away. Fuse him.

Can you fuse Izanagi no Okami p4g? ›

How to Obtain Izanagi-no-Okami. Izanagi-no-Okami is the only Persona in The World arcana and thusly, it cannot be found in a dungeon and must be fused using a Dodecagon special fusion (meaning "twelve"). You can only fuse Izanagi-no-Okami once you have completely finished the game once and received the True Ending.

Can I fuse Personas higher level than me? ›

Each Persona has a base level — the number we've been referencing — and no matter what the levels are of the Personas you're fusing, the result will always arrive at the base level. So, simple enough: Sacrifice two or more Personas and make a stronger one.

How to get a Neko Shogun with Bufula? ›

Requires Neko Shogun with Bufula. Best Method: Step 1 - Create Kusi Mitama (W/ Bufula) by fusing King Frost (W/ Bufula) and Hua Po. Step 2 - Create Neko Shogun by 4-Way Fusion using Ara Mitama, Kusi Mitama, Saki Mitama and Nigi Mitama.

Who is the killer Persona 4 Golden? ›

Who is the Real Culprit in Persona 4 Golden? The person behind the killings in Persona 4 Golden is actually Tohru Adachi. The discovery comes after a series of critical story events and plot twists that shined a new light on the kidnappings of the characters who became party members.

Which ending is canon Persona 4 Golden? ›

The Golden Ending Is New Canon for Persona 4

Persona 4 Golden added one final ending that further expands upon the True Ending, and is considered the real canon ending of Persona 4 Golden. As such, it can be much more difficult to obtain. First, players must max out the Aeon social link for Marie before December 24th.

How grindy is Persona 4 Golden? ›

The grind in this game is on par, but there are a few systems in place that make it easy to cut down on the grind by making over leveled personas, getting instant level ups, getting overpowered equipment, ect.

Is it worth replaying Persona 4 Golden? ›

Sure, it's the best version of Persona 4, but a lot of that legwork was done in the Steam port, so it's hard to really give much credit to this. Still, Persona 4 Golden is a great game with a wonderful soundtrack and a combat system that absolutely rules, which makes it worth playing (or replaying) for any Persona fan.

How do you get Lachesis with Tetraja p5r? ›

Rank Seven: Lachesis With Tetraja

This requires you to have captured the Treasure Demon, Stone of Scorn, at the Pyramid. Stone of Scone amps up the resulting Lachesis all the way to 35, and so long as your Clotho's level has been elevated by one (from 27 when summoned up to 28) you're gold.

How do you fuse 4 Personas in Persona 4? ›

Igor will allow you the option to Fuse Personas in The Velvet Room. Present him with either two or three cards to fuse to create one new Persona. At a certain point within the narrative, Igor will allow you to fuse four, five, or six Personas into one, called Cross-, Pentagonal-, and Hexagonal-fusion, respectively.

How do you fuse specific Personas? ›

Simply select Fuse by Result and use R1 or L1 to tab over to the Sort by Level page, then scroll down to Persona results that are at or under your current level. Start there and work your way down until there are no more results for you to make or until you've expended all the Personas you don't mind giving up.

How to fuse mahakala persona 4 golden? ›

He is available to be summoned once the protagonist reaches Lv 78 and completes the Death Arcana Social Link. Mahakala's fusion prerequisite requires the protagonist to perform a Hexagon Fusion-spread consists of Matador, White Rider, Mother Harlot, Daisoujou, Hell Biker and Trumpeter in the Velvet Room.

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