S&S Worldwide Customer Care | Support Information (2024)

At S&S, you won't get stuck in a phone tree trying to get through to a real person. Save time and call S&S today to speak with a live Customer Care Representative who is waiting to help you. Our mission is "Making it easy to help people play and learn." Our company is located in Colchester, CT and our Customer Care Department has decades of combined experience solving problems, answering questions, and offering custom tailored solutions.

S&S Worldwide Customer Care | Support Information (1)

I've had the pleasure of working with S&S World Wide for the past 5 years and keep coming back for both their competitive pricing and their customer service. Whenever I have a craft ordering challenge my dedicated customer service rep always seems to come up with an alternative solution. Keep up the good work!

Nancy O'Brien
Craft Buyer for Camp Eberhart

S&S Worldwide Customer Care | Support Information (2)

Discount Pricing

Volume Ordering -If you order in volume, we want to make sure you're getting the best price possible... all year long! Our Contract Specialist will set you up with an Annual Contract with a special discount to help you stretch your budget!

Quotes and Best Pricing Guaranteed -Looking for a competitive quote or applying for a grant? Give us a call or click through to learn more and fill out our quote request form. We’ll provideyou our best price along with our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed service!

Special Ordering & Custom Kitting

Special Product Orders -Can’t find what you need on our site? Although we have over 17,000 items available,there may be a specific product that you need that we do not currently carry. Work with our special orders desk to get a quote on customized logo products, special sporting goods, specific game, furniture, outdoor or craft equipment, and even special craft supplies. We work with thousands of vendors that may have exactly what you are looking for, at the price you need.

Custom Kitting & Packaging-We can also provide special kitting, packaging and deliveries to meet your program needs. Our Sales Staff will work with you to develop Custom Kits that can be assembled and shipped to multiple locations or your warehouse. Kits can be developed to support your curriculum, a theme, class size, etc. Everything you need for your program in one kit, with special labeling, packaging and even specialized delivery options. Just let us know what items you need and we will source and price them for you.

S&S PLUS - Free Shipping all year long!

That's right! Free Shipping PLUS 15% discount off our list prices all year long – no minimum!

Your membership covers you and everyone at your location, PLUS you will receive monthly exclusive PLUS member discounts and 50% off expedited shipping when you need your order as soon as possible.

S&S Coupons

Save each week on our wide selection of products! Check out our coupon pagewith a weekly coupon code.You'll get great deals on all of your favorite products.

List Creation

Use our list function to getapproval for items from administration or just to share your ideas on products with others at your organization. The Save to My List feature is available on every product page and as the list creator, you have the ability to make multiple lists, email them and customize with notes.

Easy Ordering YOURway

Whether it be through one of our customer portals that we have created for your organization, by fax, online, phone, or purchase order - we want to make ordering supplies and equipment simple for you. There's always ordering by phone or online, but if you would like to hear about a customized process for multiple sites, or your organization has a specific process - we can work with you one what works best. Email [emailprotected] and let us know how we can help!

Free Resources

We spend a lot of time talking to our customers, researching their industries, and really trying to help them with solutions to their individual program or classroom. Then, we share what we've learned! If you're looking for inspiration, how tos, lesson ideas, downloadable guides, craft videos, group activities or just want to browse what other people just like you are doing in their organizations, you won't be disappointed.

Expert DEDICATED Customer Service

We would have made this #1 on our list, but if you've bought from S&S before, you already know how passionate, friendly and customer satisaction driven our team is. Everything we do is built around YOU! We know how hard you are working to help others and we strive to WOW you with our dedication and our support of what you are doing in your programs. Without our customer doing what they do, we wouldn't be able to help people play and learn - and that's our mission!

S&S Worldwide Customer Care | Support Information (2024)


How do I contact SSWW? ›

When you call 1-800-288-9941 Mon-Fri 8AM to 7PM EST you will be helped by a friendly representative. You can also email us at service@ssww.com, or fax to us at 1-800-566-6678, and a responsive representative will return your call or message by the next business day.

How to order from S&S? ›

Order online at: www.ssww.com
  1. Include the item number and descriptions as it appears in the catalog.
  2. Include the color and size of the item, if applicable.
  3. Check the unit of measure (each, dozen, gallon, etc.) to ensure that it corresponds with the information provide online or in the catalog.

How do I contact S&S activewear? ›

If you still haven't received your temporary password email, call us at (800)-523-2155, ext. 6874.

Who bought S&S? ›

The private equity firm KKR has completed its $1.62 billion acquisition of Simon & Schuster. KKR emerged as the winning bidder in early August after Penguin Random House's acquisition for S&S was blocked by the government in late 2022.

How much is free shipping on S&S? ›

We're pleased to offer free shipping to all of our customers for online orders of $200 or more. If you order before the daily cut-off time, we'll ship your apparel the same business day.

What does S&S Activewear do? ›

Since 1988, we've provided high-quality, imprintable apparel to our broad wholesale customer base. Today, we offer the most extensive and accessible collection of fashion-forward styles around. And we get you the goods fast.

Does S&S Activewear take returns? ›

You must return defective merchandise to us with a piece of tape indicating the flaw's location. We do not accept returns on discontinued items or merchandise that is more than 30 days old. You must make all claims for shortages or damages within 72 hours of receiving the merchandise.

What is a credit card lost cash discount? ›

Wholesale companies will often list their pricing at "discounted" cash prices. When companies or customers pay with a credit card, they will then charge a 3% "lost cash discount" or "cash loss discount", which is another name for a credit card fee, processing fee, or convenience fee.

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