Top Employee Experience Platforms for 2024 (2024)

Our picks for the best employee experience platforms are:

  • Workvivo is the best for employee communication.
  • HulerHub is the best for employee productivity.
  • Simpplr is the best for enterprises.
  • Connecteam is the best for collaboration among distributed teams.
  • Blink is the best for companies with frontline workers.

We picked our choices with you in mind.

First, we evaluated 22 employee experience platforms based on current options, free trials, demos, and the reviews of customers like you. We then narrowed our selections to the platforms that best addressed your top-of-mind concerns, such as internal communication, employee self-service, and third-party integrations. We explored the following vendors during the course of our research:

  • Zendesk.
  • Lattice.
  • HulerHub.
  • Culture Amp.
  • WorkTango.
  • 15Five.
  • Fond.
  • Motivosity.
  • Kudos.
  • Awardco.
  • Bonusly.
  • Vantage Circle.
  • Workvivo.
  • Leapsome.
  • Bob.
  • Xoxoday Empuls.
  • Simpplr.
  • Sift.
  • SurveySparrow.
  • Connecteam.
  • Microsoft Viva.
  • Blink.

As the market changes, we reevaluate our choices so you always receive the best insight for your purchasing decision.

What are the best employee experience platforms?

Standout featureStarting price*Free trial?
WorkvivoText, audio, and video communication options.Contact sales.No.Visit Workvivo
HulerHubPersonalized workspaces.Contact sales.Yes (personalized).Visit HulerHub
SimpplrExtensibility Center for custom integrations.Contact sales.14-days.Visit Simpplr
ConnecteamSecure internal chat.$29/mo. for the first 30 users. (billed annually)14-days.Visit Connecteam
BlinkSupport for mobile, tablet, and desktop.$6.18/user/mo.14-days.Visit Blink

Workvivo: Best for employee communication

Top Employee Experience Platforms for 2024 (1)

Workvivo is an employee experience platform that serves as a digital intranet for all employee and company applications and communications. It also acts as a hub for employee interactions and engagement, with features like:

  • Awards.
  • Activity feeds.
  • Organizational charts.
  • Events calendars.
  • Polls.
  • Employee surveys.
  • Content analytics.

However, as a Zoom company, Workvivo particularly shines in its workplace communication features. For example, besides sharing important company announcements through emails, Workvivo allows you to post them to your company newsfeed or send push notifications. Read receipts and acknowledgment requirements also ensure employees receive vital notices.

Additionally, Workvivo offers novel ways to create and distribute employee messages, such as email digests, internal news articles, and podcasts. By incorporating these more modern elements into employee communications, you craft messaging to the preferences of your employees. Doing so also increases employees’ likelihood of using the platform, interacting with your messaging, and retaining critical information — even for your remote workforce.


  • Digital signage: Add Workvivo to your company TVs and display relevant messaging to onsite employees who don’t typically interact with computers.
  • Communication integrations: Extend the reach of your messaging by linking with common communication apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • Recognition features: Employees can earn badges tied to your company values or other achievements and display them on their profiles to improve employee appreciation.


  • Minimum employee count: You need a minimum of 100 employees to use Workvivo.
  • Internal chat is an add-on: You have to pay extra for instant messaging among employees.

Multimedia communication

With Workvivo, you have access to various forms of communication methods, including:

  • Livestreams.
  • Podcasts.
  • Email newsletters.
  • Internal news articles.
  • Push notifications.
  • Activity feeds.

Besides allowing you to craft engaging content in accordance with company objectives, leveraging different communication methods also improves accessibility. This is because it enables employees to engage with the content that appeals to their learning preferences — whether audio or visual.

Community spaces

Workvivo administrators can create “community spaces” within the platform to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing among people in the company. You can build community spaces around worksite locations, common interests, or projects. You can even make the space accessible to everyone in the organization or just a few members.

Spaces act as a way for your company to be transparent about various projects occurring in the company or foster connections over shared passions. For instance, employee resource groups (ERGs) can use spaces to share resources, communicate progress toward goals, or teach others about their backgrounds and experiences.

People directory

Workvivo allows employees to create their own profiles accessible to everyone in the company. Much like a social media platform, you can find people based on their location, department, or team and even follow them to keep track of their posts.

If you have multiple locations, this can be a useful feature to find and collaborate on projects with folks of similar roles. It can even help you find worthy mentors or coaches to refine your working or management style.

Top Employee Experience Platforms for 2024 (2)

Workvivo does not disclose its pricing online — you must call for a quote. Pricing depends on the number of licenses and specific features you need.

You can choose from two different plans:

  • For 100-2,000 employees.
  • Includes the following features:
    • Employee communication.
    • Digital workplace.
    • Employee engagement.
    • Insights and analytics.
    • Security.
  • For 2,001 or more employees.
  • Includes everything in the Business plan plus:
    • Account manager and quarterly executive business review.
    • Priority customer support.
    • Branding and customization.
    • Open API and access to over 40 digital workplace and HR integrations.
    • Personalized analytics and reporting options.
    • Unlimited live streaming and storage.
    • Access to beta features and services.

With various media styles and notification methods, Workvivo stands out as the most versatile for employee communications. You can control what and how your employees interact with your content to ensure the most relevant messaging reaches your specific audience.

Reactions, comments, and badges also increase the chance employees engage with your content and retain critical information as they participate and collaborate with their peers.

Visit Workvivo

HulerHub: Best for employee productivity

Top Employee Experience Platforms for 2024 (3)

HulerHub is an employee experience platform with features similar to Workvivo and Simpplr on our shortlist. Its capabilities include standardizing employee communications and consolidating workplace software in one place. However, HulerHub is most impressive in improving and monitoring employee productivity.

For example, the HulerHub interface can adapt to a range of preferences. Employees can transform the look and feel of their digital workspace by toggling between light and dark modes and customizing other visual elements. Users can also customize the tiles in their workspace for the applications, content, news, and groups they use or interact with daily.

Dynamic search increases efficiency and collaboration, especially among remote employees, by providing quick access to the tools and information they need to do their jobs. With the flexibility to work how they want, employees can improve their overall productivity and job satisfaction.


  • Learning and development products: Huler also offers mentoring and learning management software that lets you integrate your training and development programs with HulerHub.
  • Employee recognition: Employees can send kudos to their peers, which managers can monitor for performance management purposes.
  • External collaboration: You can share content in HulerHub with external partners, vendors, or clients with your company branding to streamline project collaboration.


  • Engagement analytics: HulerHub lacks employee surveying or sentiment analysis, so you can’t gather employee feedback or data on various topics directly.
  • Does not integrate with desktop or mobile apps: HulerHub can only integrate with applications you can access from the web.
  • Slow load times: Users report that HulerHub is occasionally slow to load apps and content.
  • No mobile app: Users must access HulerHub on their mobile devices from its URL.

No code integrations

Because HulerHub only requires a URL from the web-based application you want to integrate with, you do not need an IT department or implementation expert to set up HulerHub for your particular work cadence. Therefore, employees can connect to additional productivity apps they use outside of those the company purchases for more control over their specific work styles.

Digital workspace analytics

HulerHub collects data on how your employees interact with the program, such as which applications they interact with over others, how often employees log in, and even what day of the week employees use the platform. With this information, you can determine programs’ return on investment and even learn when to strategically release content to ensure the most employee engagement.

Top Employee Experience Platforms for 2024 (4)

HulerHub does not disclose its pricing — you must contact sales for a quote. A free trial is available after you participate in a demo.

HulerHub’s focus on personalized workplace experiences for employees makes it a great option for companies wanting to give their employees the freedom to work how they want. By allowing employees to connect to the applications that help them perform their core duties better, you can increase productivity while supporting employees’ various working styles.

Visit HulerHub

Simpplr: Best for enterprises

Top Employee Experience Platforms for 2024 (5)

Simpplr is a modern intranet, knowledge base, and employee engagement platform for organizations looking to unify their tech stack under one system. Although Simpplr markets itself as a platform meant to “simplify” the employee working experience, its breadth of integrations, advanced analytics, and high price tag make it better suited for enterprises with complex infrastructures and distributed workforces.

For example, Simpplr provides a personalized look and feel depending on the employees’ role, department, or location. Simpplr delivers content to employees through their preferred channels, such as mobile push notifications, desktop, Slack, Teams, or SMS. And, if you’re an international organization, Simpplr supports 18 languages, even allowing employees to translate content into the language of their choice through its integration with Google Translate.

Simpplr also uses robust security protocols to protect the enormous amount of user data it houses. In addition to undergoing independent security audit checks and adhering to GDPR privacy standards, it also complies with HIPAA and GxP regulations governing the healthcare industry. This makes Simpplr stand out among its peers regarding data protection.


  • Advanced AI capabilities: Run sentiment analysis, notify authors of content needing updates, or recommend pages to employees for quicker data search and analysis.
  • Easy to use: Users indicate that the platform is very intuitive, requiring little training.
  • Native video: Record, store, and send videos from within Simpplr to support multimedia content creation without needing a third-party application.


  • Minimum employee count: Like Workvivo, you need a minimum of 100 employees to use the platform.
  • No native ticketing system: Companies must purchase a separate ticketing system, like Jira, or integrate with their current vendor through Simmplr’s API.

Automated content governance

Simpplr’s AI monitors employees’ work cadences and populates particular content relevant to them. For example, if you just released a regional update to your handbook, Simpplr will automatically notify the employees affected.

Additionally, Simpplr’s Auto-Governance Engine detects old content and either deletes, archives, or notifies authors it needs an update. This ensures your data stays fresh with little interference from you.

Advanced search

Simpplr includes advanced search options, like federated search, that allow users to search within Simpplr and their various integrated apps. Search term predictions and natural language search also help surface relevant content quickly, preventing employees from leaving the platform to find what they need.

Top Employee Experience Platforms for 2024 (6)

Simpplr does not disclose its pricing; however, it bases its price on the following factors:

  • Core product features.
  • Release updates.
  • Global support needs.

Simpplr also provides a 14-day free trial and volume discounts if you have 500 employees or more.

Simpplr’s global support, AI capabilities, privacy and security standards, and breadth of functionality make it the best choice for enterprises dealing with huge employee rosters and datasets. Moreover, its ability to integrate with virtually any workplace software through its open API or partners makes it a cut above programs like Workvivo or HulerHub with limited integration capabilities.

Visit Simpplr

Connecteam: Best for collaboration among distributed teams

Connecteam is a workforce management app that blurs the line between employee engagement and employee experience capabilities. Unlike the other platforms on this list, Connecteam lacks modern intranet capabilities. However, it makes up for this with its robust options for collaboration among distributed teams.

With three “hubs” to choose from, you can craft an experience platform that satisfies your organization’s operations, communication, and HR needs. For example, managers can create schedules and assign tasks to employees in the operations hub, chat with their team in the communication hub, and take leadership courses through the HR hub.

Connecteam also offers a centralized database of company knowledge documents you can send to particular team members or groups. These help facilitate various HR or administrative tasks, including onboarding and training.

Connecteam offers various native features for collaboration, like task management, internal chat, a company directory, polls, and a newsfeed. However, it does not integrate with third-party systems for these functions, so Connecteam is a better option if you’re open to replacing some of your other tools as well.

Building a training program?

Connecteam stands out on our shortlist because it offers course creation features for companies wanting to build out their training programs.

According to LinkedIn’s 2023 Workplace Learning Report, opportunities to learn and develop new skills are one of the top five factors for employees when considering a new job. If you’re looking to retain employees and improve their workplace experience, investing in learning and development (L&D) is one way to do so.

Learn more about L&D software to support employee engagement below:

  • 8 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement With Your LMS
  • The Best LMS Options for Employee Engagement


  • HR features: Time clock, paid time off (PTO) management, training, company directory, and onboarding modules for companies needing basic human resources information system (HRIS) functions.
  • Employee surveying: Gather and analyze employee feedback directly to understand and improve employee experience.
  • Small business forever plan: Businesses with 10 or fewer employees have access to all of Connecteam’s features for free.


  • Limited integrations: Currently only supports Intuit QuickBooks Online, Gusto, and Microsoft Azure SSO.
  • Limited analytics: Users are limited to an Admin Dashboard for engagement survey and content update analytics, but no platform uses statistics.

Connecteam offers an internal mobile chat application where employees can find and direct message other employees without sharing their phone numbers. When new employees start or others leave, the application automatically updates. As a result, employees always connect with the right people in various roles, departments, or locations.

Check out our video overview of Connecteam’s mobile app capabilities below:

Task management

Connecteam allows you to create tasks, including recurring or subtasks, and assign them to yourself or others. You can also attach files, enable employees to provide updates through comments, and send push notifications. Besides ensuring critical tasks get done, it gives employees accountability and provides clarity into their role’s top priorities.

Top Employee Experience Platforms for 2024 (8)

Connecteam separates its pricing by “hubs” and “tiers.” Although this allows you to pick and choose features you need for a more customized product, it is an expensive option compared to standalone survey products.

Below is a table outlining Connecteam’s various price options by hubs (rows) and tier plans (columns).

OperationsCommunicationsHR & Skills
Small Business$0$0$0
Basic$29/mo. for first 30 users + $0.5/user/mo. for each additional user.$29/mo. for first 30 users + $0.5/user/mo. for each additional user.$29/mo. for first 30 users + $0.5/user/mo. for each additional user.
Advanced$49/mo. for first 30 users + $1.5/user/mo. for each additional user.$49/mo. for first 30 users + $1.5/user/mo. for each additional user.$49/mo. for first 30 users + $1.5/user/mo. for each additional user.
Expert$99/mo. for first 30 users + $3/user/mo. for each additional user.$99/mo. for first 30 users + $3/user/mo. for each additional user.$99/mo. for first 30 users + $3/user/mo. for each additional user.
EnterpriseFor employers with 201–10,000 employees, please contact sales for a quote.

Connecteam is a much more affordable option than others on our shortlist for centralizing employee communications and experiences across distributed teams. In particular, it encourages collaboration by allowing team members to:

  • Instant message coworkers securely.
  • Add comments, updates, or reactions to documents or company announcements.
  • Use @-mentions to rope in necessary stakeholders on projects when required.
  • Access tasks, knowledge, and guidelines from a centralized database.

If finding a way for employees to work together effectively from various locales is a major pain point, Connecteam may be your best bet.

Visit Connecteam

Blink: Best for companies with frontline workers

Top Employee Experience Platforms for 2024 (9)

Blink is a mobile-first, frontline worker communication app that combines the communication and collaboration features of Connecteam with the integration capabilities of Simpplr. The result is a program that facilitates ongoing employee communication with easy access to the productivity and workplace apps they need to perform their jobs efficiently.

For example, industries like retail, hospitality, transportation, manufacturing, and dining will find the following features particularly attractive:

  • Digital forms creation and sharing: Create forms, like workplace injury or incident forms, and send them to appropriate parties for timely recordkeeping and compliance.
  • Internal chat: Chat among employees, send files, images, or gifs, and even start impromptu virtual meetings to share important information quickly.
  • Pulse surveys: Send short, recurring surveys to frontline staff to gather quick feedback on workplace issues, like onboarding, manager, or benefits satisfaction.

Blink also differentiates itself from platforms like HulerHub and Connecteam by integrating with various apps, including popular HR software like ADP and Workday. As a result, employees have access to critical HR information, such as work schedules, paystubs, and benefits, without navigating between multiple apps. This can also support employees of various digital literacy since everything they need is in one place for easy access.


  • Frontline Intelligence: Access back-end analytics on the content you post, like comments, likes, impressions, and reach, to optimize future messages to your team.
  • 24/7 customer support: All Blink plans have access to support via email at any time.
  • Post scheduling: Share posts with varying team members or departments based on triggers, like employee start date, to space out training over a set period.


  • Open API is limited to its enterprise plan.
  • Minimum user count: You must have a minimum of five users to subscribe.
  • Limited post customization: You cannot change the color or font of your content or posts for a more personalized and engaging experience.

Multi-device functionality

Employees can access Blink and its integrated platforms from any device, including desktop computers, smartphones, or tablets. While phone access certainly supports workers not tied to a desk, tablet functionality is a great option for field workers. Managers can access their forms, updates, and tools in Blink between field worker kiosk functions, like clocking in or preparing customer invoices.

Micro apps

Blink offers a few “micro-apps,” or single-purpose applications, to handle simple workflows, such as timekeeping, payslip access, or workplace cafeteria menus. Although Blink has already developed some of these, developers with HTML, JavaScript, or CSS knowledge can build these apps and add them to Blink to layer on the tools they need for their teams.

Top Employee Experience Platforms for 2024 (10)

Blink offers two price tiers, Business or Enterprise, plus a 14-day free trial.

  • Starting price: $6.18 per user, per month.
  • Includes most of Blink’s features, except you are limited to pulse surveys for employee engagement and do not have access to its open API.
  • You must speak to sales about the following features, as including them will add to your plan’s overall price:
    • Content integrations.
    • Automated user management.
    • Identity management.
    • Custom digital forms.
    • On-demand translation.
    • ePayslips.
    • Onboarding.
  • Must call for a custom quote.
  • Includes all features from the Business plan, plus:
    • Full engagement surveys.
    • Access to open API.
    • Assigned account manager.
    • Content integrations.
    • Automated user management.
  • You must speak to sales about adding the following features:
    • Identity management.
    • Custom digital forms.
    • On-demand translation.
    • ePayslips.
    • Onboarding.

Blink is a time-saver for frontline workers since it centralizes all their must-need apps in one place and allows them to access them from any mobile device. Workers with little time to search and complete necessary administrative tasks between customer interactions will also enjoy its purpose-focused content library and single-sign-on capabilities to improve their work efficiency.

From the manager’s end, survey and analytic functions also give them a peek into what applications and content are helpful to their team. Blink ensures management understands the experience of their frontline workers to craft policies or invest in tools to help them succeed.

Visit Blink

Employee experience platforms FAQs

Employee experience software is a platform that connects various company technologies in one place for employee work and communication. Effective employee experience software does not replace the tools you are already using; instead, it integrates with them to provide a seamless working environment for employees.

Although similar to digital workplaces, employee experience software differentiates itself by adding employee engagement elements. These include features like company newsfeeds, directories, employee surveys, document sharing, training, recognition, and rewards.

Thus, employee experience platforms aim to encourage and simplify employee interaction with company-invested tools while keeping them informed.

The main difference between employee experience and engagement platforms is that employee engagement software is more concerned with data and analytics to measure employee satisfaction. Typically, this involves surveying employees on various topics and implementing company changes according to their responses.

In contrast, employee experience software uses front-end features, like reactions, comments, or likes, to actively improve employee engagement and experience in the workplace. You can think of employee experience platforms as combatting employee unhappiness, miscommunication, or workplace inefficiencies, while employee engagement platforms as understanding the why behind those.

  • Provides a single source of truth for all company content, training, and applications.
  • Reduces turnover and increases retention by making it easier for employees to do their jobs.
  • Boosts productivity by making access to workplace tools more efficient.
  • Accommodates various working and communication styles through customized workspaces.
  • Ensures critical communications reach necessary employees timely.

How to choose the best employee experience platforms

Employee experience platforms provide an intuitive and streamlined interface to support communication, productivity, and collaboration among your entire workforce. Ideally, they should adapt to your company’s various working cadences as you grow and change by allowing you to quickly add or remove tools as necessary.

Our favorites do just that, along with their own additional specialties:

  • Choose Workvivo if you are looking for multiple ways to communicate with employees.
  • Select HulerHub for a streamlined experience to improve employee productivity.
  • Pick Simpplr if you need a centralized hub for your entire tech stack.
  • Go with Connecteam if you want an affordable yet robust employee collaboration tool.
  • Choose Blink if you’re looking to simplify work for customer-facing employees.

But if none of these employee experience solutions seem right, check out our Employee Engagement Software Guide for a complete list of options to fit your needs.

TechnologyAdvice is able to offer our services for free because some vendors may pay us for web traffic or other sales opportunities. Our mission is to help technology buyers make better purchasing decisions, so we provide you with information for all vendors — even those that don’t pay us.

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Top Employee Experience Platforms for 2024 (2024)
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